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Room Hire (Seminar, Meeting, Office Space etc) / レンタルスペース (講演会, ミーティング, レンタルスペースママ会など)

Updated: 06/05/2019

We provide clean, tidy and well maintained rooms that are perfect for your next conference, team meeting, training, seminer and workshop.

・Bookings are available from 1 hour
・Monday - Sunday from 9:00 - 22:00

Facilities and Equipment
・Heating / Air conditioning
・Tables and chairs
・DVD player
・CD player
・Kitchen (Fridge, Microwave, Cups)
・Wifi internet access
・One car parking 
・PC & data projector ($22)
・Microhpne and amprifier ($11)

Suitable for
・Seminar (セミナー)
・Conference (会議)
・Team Meeting (ミーティング)
・Office Space (貸しオフィス)
・Training (研修)
・Class (クラス)

Price List
All prices are included GST.

Profit Event Room Hire Price List

Non-Profit Event:$5 discount










11.2m2 13.7m2

(e.g. 3.3×3.6)


8.6m2 10m2

(e.g. 3.7×2.7)




Capacity (Chairs only)


100 people

40 people

15 people

10 people

7 people

Capacity (Sitting with tables)


50 people

25 people

8 people

6 people

4 people

Per hour (9am-5pm)







Per hour(5pm-10pm)&








1 day (9am – 10pm)

5 hours fee applies

*Non-profit events means the events which do not make any sales, Profit events means the events which make sales.



(2)Large Room


(3)Medium Room


(4)Small Room


(5)X-Small Room



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