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Japanese New Year Wreath Workshop お正月しめ縄飾りワークショップ

Japanese New Year Wreath Workshop

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Chie's Calligraphy 智愛書道&ペン習字教室

Chie's Calligraphy  智愛書道&ペン習字教室

Let's Enjoy Calligraphy!!!

I had learned calligraphy for 32 years . I  have a lot of qualifications as a calligraphy  instructor and   enough experience for the job.
You can see my work of art  and I  will give you a model of  calligraphy, an illustration of how to write it  in the work shop.  
Won’t you  write your name ,  kanji , hiragana beautifully?
First of all,  please  come , see and try !    Just do it!


まずは集まれ! 来て、見て、楽しく書いてみよう!

☆Teacher's Career ☆
Calligrapher  for  the head of  the  Ohara-ryu  school   of  flower  arrangement  and Kobe daimaru department store 
( writing  New Year’s card   to  the Imperial House and so on)

Calligraphy  instructer  at home and  on the passenger boat around the world.

・全国書写能力検定連合会  師範     
・一東書道会        師範     
・実務書道会        師範



Day & Time: Sat 13:10-14:10 
Dec: 6
Jan: 10 (12:00-14:00 Kakizome),17,24,31

Fee: $16


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Hata Yoga Class ハタヨガ基礎クラス

Hata Yoga Class   ハタヨガ 基礎クラス

最近疲れていると感じたことはありますか?日本語でヨガを学びたい方、一緒に楽しくリラックスができるヨガをしてみませんか? 心と体のバランスを呼び戻してくれるヨガでリフレッシュ一緒にしましょう!
Do you want to relax and feel fresh? Come and  join the Yoga class in Japanese! 

インド政府公認ヨガアライアンスインストラクター, チベットシンギングボールヒーラー。 自然を愛するヨギ-。2007年,台湾在住の時にヨガに出会い、台湾、カナダにて修行を重ね、その後、ヨガの発祥地であるインドへ旅立つ。北インド、ヒマラヤのふもとのシバナンダヨガアシュラムにて、ヨガインストラクターコースを修了。 一年ほどのインド滞在の中で、ポーズ中心のハタヨガだけではなく、さまざまなヨガ、瞑想を学ぶ。  その後、香港、日本、西オーストラリアを中心にてヨガを指導。 私にとってヨガとは全てであり、現代の人々が失いかけている自然との調和です。そして世界中すべての人が平和で穏やかでいられますように。 
It's Fun,active, relaxing Hatha yoga class! Beginners are most welcome to join.
Instructions in both Japanese and English language. Radha is a yoga teacher who is originally from Tokyo. In 2007 Radha  commenced a regular practice of Hatha yoga. In 2009, she went to India for yoga training and deepened her knowledge of asana (posture), pranayama (breath control), mantra (sacred sounds) and dhyana (meditation).  She has taught in India, Hong kong ,Japan and Western Australia.

Day&Time: Wed 12:30-13:30
Nov: 12,19,21,16,28
Dec: 3,10
Jan: No Class


Fee: $15
(First time: $10!!)

Thing to bring:
・Yoga mat
・Hand towel

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Japanese for toddlers 幼児クラス

Japanese  for toddlers  幼児クラス



Japanese toddlers class for non Japanese speakers!


Let's learn Japanese with your kids!

”I want my kid to learn Japanese but it is maybe too early..." if you think this, let's try this class. You will learn Japanese with your kids. You sing Japanese songs, dance, make easy craft and this class provides study time.
This is a good opportunity to have communication with other parents especially who are interested in Japan.


From 2 year old  to 5 year old (Parents or guardians must stay with their child)


Fee/$15 (possible to bring siblings any age add $5)

Day&Time: Wed 11:15-12:00
Nov: 5,12,19,26
Dec: 3,10,17
Jan: 14,21,28


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Okinawa Sanshin (Okinawa Guitar) 沖縄三線

Okinawa Sanshin (Okinawa Guitar) 沖縄三線

Pick up a new musical hobby with the Okinawan Sanshin!

日本文化祭でも好評だった沖縄三線を、今回Culture Classで長期的に学べるチャンス!
As seen at our Japan Culture Festival, the Okinawan Sanshin group's back! ...and teaching the art of playing the sanshin!
Sanshin beginner's class. Don't worry if you haven't got the sanshin yet. You can learn the basics of Okinawan folk songs.

※Fee: $20/hr

※Day&Time: Sat 10:00-11:00
Dec: 20
Jan: 17,31


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Onemuri Kitsuke Workshop オネムリ着付け教室

Onemuri Kitsuke Workshop オネムリ着付け教室

Let's learn how to wear Kimono properly.



On request;)

Fee: $18 

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Shinobue (Japanese Bamboo Flute) 篠笛

Shinobue (Japanese Bamboo Flute) 篠笛

Let's Play the ' Shinobue ' Japanese bamboo flute !


' I am interested in playing the bamboo flute.'
 ' I want to try something new.'
 This class is recommended for those people !
The right breathing technique will give you better body condition as well !
Beginners are welcome !  (You can rent the flute for an extra fee)
Let's play the 'Shinobue' Japanese bamboo flute !



Day: Mon, Tue 12:00-13:00
Nov: 3,10,11,17,18,24,25
Dec: 1,8,9,15,16
Jan: 12,13,19,20,26,27

Fee: Private: $30 
        Group (2people~): $25

Shinobue rental: $15
Shinobue purchase: $20(plastic) or $30 (bamboo)

Things to bring: Hand mirror

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Shogi (Japanese Chess) 将棋

Shogi (Japanese Chess) 将棋

You can learn how to play Shogi which is a Japanese traditional board game! 

It's also good for exercising your brain! Beginners and experts welcome!

※Day & Time: Tue 19:00-21:00

※Fee: $10

Private lesson: On request ($15 for 2 hours)

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Ukuleles for fun! ウクレレクラス

Ukuleles for fun!

Never made music but always wanted too?
Anyone can learn the ukulele in no time, so what are you waiting for?
Complete beginners welcome.
Spare ukes for you to use. "NO NUKES, JUST UKES!"


Day&Time: Sat 10:50-11:50
Nov: 22
Dec: 13,20

Fee: $15



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