Japanese Classes

Short Course

【Beginner-1 Intensive Course in September】
Would you like to start learning Japanese in a quick way?
Then this short course is perfectly suitable for you!

Perfectly suitable for those who:
 - want to study Japanese from scratch in a quick way!
 - want to get down to basics!
 - have studied before but almost forgotten!

(1)Weekday Course
Day&Time: Wed & Fri 17:40-19:50
Period: Sep 5th - Oct 3rd
(No lesson on Sep 28th)
Fee: $330+GST  (Total: $363 / 16 hours)

(2)Sat Course
Day&Time: Sat 15:30-18:50
Period: Sep 8th - Oct 6th 
Fee: $310+GST  (Total: $341 / 15 hours)


Greetings, Introducing yourself and friends, Meeting new people, Numbers, Asking Time, date expressions, Name of basic objects, Shopping conversations, Telephone conversation, HIRAGANA reading and writing.


After completing this course, you can join 8 weeks Beginner-2  in further term! 
Term 5: 8 Oct - 1 Dec
B-2 Timetable:
Tue 18:50-21:00
Thu 17:40-19:50
Sat 12:00-14:10


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